Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What the Bible Says About Semen and Menstrual Blood

Today's Reading:
  • Leviticus 15:1 - 16:28
  • Proverbs 10:13 - 14
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Leviticus 15:1 - 16:28
Today I got to read all about bodily discharges.  The first type of bodily discharge was undisclosed -- it just says any type of discharge that is under the man.  I suppose that could mean many things, the first of which comes to mind would be discharge from an STD, or perhaps discharge from diarrhea or similar sickness.

It was not referring to semen, because that was the next part of the reading.  We are told that a man must bathe and would remain unclean until the next evening anytime he had an emission of semen.  Likewise, when a couple has sex they must bathe and then remain unclean until the next evening.  I noticed that no sacrifices were required for this, but I guess they simply weren't fit to be before the Lord right after they had intercourse.

Finally the conversation switches to menstrual blood.  I knew that a woman was considered unclean during her period, but what I did not know is that she remained unclean for 7 days after the bleeding stopped, and then she must bring offerings to be purified once again.  I really can't imagine having to go through that -- no one can touch you, no one can sit in a chair you sat in, and in my case I would only be clean for about 10 days per every 28.  I am very thankful that is not something I have to deal with today!   

Proverbs 10:13 - 14 
Today we are told more about the wise and the foolish.  We are told the wise have understanding and treasure knowledge, but the foolish invite disaster and those without sense get beaten with rods.  I guess a person who lacks sense would get into a lot of trouble.  I have a child who lacks quite a bit of common sense, and she does get into trouble more often than the others.  So then how does one gain sense?  I would guess it would be the same way one would gain wisdom - learning from those who are wise and reading the Word of God.

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