Monday, September 7, 2015

The Promised Land Conquered; Caleb's Faith and the Promises of God

Today's Reading:
  • Joshua 13:1 - 15:63
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Joshua 13:1 - 15:63

Today's reading focused on the distribution of the conquered land by Joshua to the tribes of Israel. I did some online searching for a visual to show me the distribution, since I don't really have a mental map in my mind of the region. I found this image from the following URL:

Looking at this map, I'm astounded by the amount of land they were able to conquer. When God makes a promise, He delivers - no matter how big the promise may seem.

This reading also talked more about Caleb, who was with Joshua when Moses sent the twelve scouts out to the land. We were told then that, out of the 12 scouts, 10 of them came back terrified and told the Israelites that the land could not be conquered. Only Joshua and Caleb had faith in God's promise to the people, and thus Joshua and Caleb were the only two who were allowed to go into the promised land.

In chapter 14, we are told that Caleb came to Joshua to ask for the land that God had promised him. We are told that Caleb had waited 45 YEARS for the fulfillment of that promise, and his faith was still just as strong. Joshua gave Caleb his allotment of land, and Caleb went and drove out the inhabitants and cashed in on the promise.

I am still blown away - 45 years is how long Caleb waited, faithfully, for the fulfillment of the promise. I am again reminded that all things happen with God's timing. It was said in verse 14:11 that, although Caleb was 85 years old, he was still just as strong as when he first went out to scout the land. So even though it took 45 years for the promise to be fulfilled, Caleb was still able to enjoy the gift when it was given.

All things with God's timing. Too often, when something doesn't happen right away, or in what we consider to be "reasonable" timing, we lose faith and turn away from the promise. But God loves it when we remain faithful to the very end, and will reward us accordingly for our faithfulness.