Monday, April 16, 2012

Choosing Our Words Wisely

Today's Reading:
  • Leviticus 14:1 - 57
  • Proverbs 10:11 - 12
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Leviticus 14:1 - 57
This chapter in Leviticus gives instructions for the ceremonial purification process for people with skin diseases and houses with mildew.  All I can say is that I am thankful for the new covenant in that these ceremonies and quarantines no longer apply to us.

I will say that I love how there is always a designation of a different offering for those who cannot afford what is initially called for.  This goes to show that God the Lord is understanding of our situations and never asks for more than we can give.  For that I am truly thankful. 

Proverbs 10:11 - 12
The first of these proverbs tell us that the words of the godly are like life giving fountains.  The opposite of that is that the words of the wicked conceal violent intentions. I should endeavor to take to heart the words of those who are godly.  This also makes me think about the words I say to others.  Are these words filled with love, with good intentions, and with the spirit of the Lord?  Or do I intend to cause pain with the words I speak to another?  Of course I say things that are intended to hurt another -- usually a person who is very close to me.  I will continue to try to control the words that come out of my mouth by asking myself if they are wicked or godly.

The second verse today says that hatred creates quarrels and love makes up for all offenses.  I think part of this verse ties in closely with what I just wrote.  If I am spewing hatred, if I am trying to hurt another, then I am certainly creating and/or fueling a quarrel.  Instead I need to step back and realize that I love this person whom I am quarreling with (after all, I can't recall quarreling with anyone who is not close to me) and using that love to tone down my emotions and control those things which come out of my mouth.

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