Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Joy for those who can Reside Forever in the House of the Lord

Today's Reading:
  • Psalm 84
  • Psalm 85
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Today's reading covered Psalms 84 and 85.  Both are psalms of the descendents of Korah, however they have two different themes.  Psalm 85 is another plea for the Lord's redemption from the hardships that were brought upon the people for their previous sins.  The author of this Psalm wonders if the Lord's wrath will last forever, or if it will ever end.  I personally fear the Lord's wrath -- I never want to be in the place where the Lord shuns me.  That would be a terrible, desperate place, and it would probably feel like it lasts forever. 

Psalm 84 talks about the joy of the place of the Lord and how great it is to be near him.  This is a beautiful psalm that is full of expression of how we should all long to feel about the Lord.  I admit there are times I go further away from the Lord and in those times I lose the feeling that we read about in this psalm.  In those times I need to remember this psalm, re-read it, and keep the words close at heart. 

The psalm starts out talking about how lovely the dwelling place of the Lord is and how the author faints with longing to be there.  Faints with longing.  Longing for such a beautiful place.  And if you really think about what the Lord offers us -- really really think -- we would all faint with longing to be near Him too.  He offers us peace, joy, an end to sorrow and death, protection, love, and just the completeness to our spirit that nothing else can fulfill.  Or, as Psalm 84:4 says:  "What joy for those who can live your house, always singing your praises."  Amen!