Sunday, April 1, 2012

Come be a Fisher of Men

    Today’s Reading:
  • Mark 1:1 - 28
  • Psalm 35:1 - 16
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Mark 1:1 - 28
The opening of Mark jumps right into the life of Jesus.  It begins with the brief introduction of John the Baptist, followed by the baptism of Jesus Christ and gives a brief mention to the temptation of Christ in the wilderness for 40 days.

We then meet Simon, Andrew, James and John as they drop all to become fisher of men, instead of fishermen.  Immediately after that we jump into a story where Jesus was teaching at a synagogue in Capernaum.  There we are told he was confronted by an evil spirit inside a man.  Jesus drew the evil spirit and everyone was amazed by this man called Jesus, who taught with authority.  This apparently was something new for the people, they weren't used to teachers who could speak out evil spirits and taught the word of God with such authority.

I immediately like how Mark is setup.  In Matthew, we are given the very important details -- the holy conception of Jesus and his early teachings and life.  We are then introduced to the idea that he is actually the son of God.  But in Mark, I immediately see the hints that this man, Jesus of Nazareth, is indeed the Messiah.  I can't wait to keep studying this book!

Psalm 35:1 - 16
Here David tells of how people he has grieved and prayed for -- his family, his friends, as well as everyone else -- have viciously turned against him.  He talks of how people are testifying falsely against him, spreading lies and deceit.  He is at the end of his rope, and is calling to the Lord to vindicate him.

 It's so depressing to think that people can be so malicious as to spread lies against people.  I know there are people who love to gossip.  And of course it's hard not to want to hear (and spread) the latest news against people.  That is bad enough and truly hurts people.  But who are these people who make up these lies, who agree to testify against someone out of spite?  It's a sad state that some people live in. 

It's discouraging knowing that the world has more than its fair share of these types of people.  But at least the Lord has our backs.  As long as we are righteous and not the ones doing the evil, the Lord is there for us.  We are told time and time again how the Lord is there for us.  So thank you Lord for being there for me!

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