Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Jesus Before All Others

    Today's Reading:
  • Matthew 10:24-11:6
  • Psalm 13:1-6
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Matthew 10:24-11:6
The story continues of the words Jesus spoke to the apostles before sending them out.  Jesus warns that we must love him beyond anyone in our lives -- our mothers and fathers, our very own children.  That's really hard to do isn't it?  I love Jesus, I love him greatly.  If I had to choose between him and my children, I would choose him, but I hope that day never comes. 

Jesus continues to say he came to set us all against each other, and in the end it's him we are to follow.  If we follow him above all others we will be rewarded.  Our lives are just our bodies, but our souls belong to the Lord.  Jesus also says that he did not come to bring peace on earth, but rather a sword (10:34).  That to me is profound.  I always thought of Jesus coming to reign in peace on earth.  Of course I expect the tribulation and judgements, horrors and terrors and deaths galore.  But then the peace, right?  I'm interested to get to the parts where I read about what his reign on earth will be like.

The reading finishes with a look in at John the Baptist.  John sends out a messenger to find out if Jesus is the promised Messiah.  The messenger returns with news of all the miracles being performed.  And here the reading stops until next time.

Psalm 13:1-6
David seems at this point to feel very defeated and afraid that God is not with him to help him defeat his enemies.  He seems to want an answer as to when the Lord is going to pull him out and raise him above his enemies.  Though it seems he is despairing, David ends this psalm on a note of faith, saying that he trusts in the Lord to save him and he will rejoice when the Lord rescues him. 

Notice there is no IF there, simply faith that there can be no other option but for God to rescue him.  I never have any questions that God will come through with His will for me, but therein lies the problem.  I know that God's will does not always align with my own, so in my own prayers I pray that our wills align, and if they don't, then please be with me to handle it and see the inevitable good in the situation in the end.  And in the end I know the outcome will be good, even if we can't see the good in it at that moment in time.

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