Sunday, August 7, 2016

They Obeyed Every Command

Today's Reading:
  • Joshua 21:1 - 23:16
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Joshua21:1 - 23:16
The elders of the tribe of Levi came to Joshua to discuss land allocation for their tribe. We are told the leaders of the other tribes each conceded land that had been previously given to them "by the command of the Lord" (22:3). As we continue to read chapter 21, we see that each tribe willing gave up their very own land. In verse 8, we again see that the "Israelites obeyed the Lord's command"and assigned the land based on sacred lots.

The notion of sacred lots has always intrigued me. I tried to learn more about it. The general consensus seemed to be that sacred lots were considered an impartial way to make a decision when no clear direction from God was given. I was also told that no sacred lots are mentioned after the Pentecost. I have not verified if this is the truth, this is just what I read from various sources and have not researched it myself. It is generally agreed, because there was no mention of sacred lots after the Pentecost, that the divination of the Holy Spirit upon us has negated the need for sacred lots. There is no longer that divide. The Holy Spirit can live in each of us if we so choose. That's pretty amazing! No longer do we have to go to priests who have to go to the Lord for us; instead the spirit is accessible to each of us. The blood of Jesus Christ bridged that great divide and made that possible. I can feel the Holy Spirit; I know God is there and with me. This makes me wonder what it was like before, when intercession was made directly with sacrifices and through priests.

After the Levi's were given their land, Joshua called the half-tribe of Manasseh and the tribes of Reuben, and Gad together. Joshua told them that they had obeyed every command the Lord had given to them. They had been faithful and followed through. They were now being blessed and granted rest, just as the Lord had promised.

What struck out to me most today in my reading was obeying the Lord's command and finishing strong. Multiple times we were shown a faithful people who obeyed the Lord. Joshua's speech on being faithful and following through really struck me. I want to be the faithful servant who finishes her race for the Lord. There would be no greater honor than to finish strong and true. To obey the Lord wholeheartedly. I fall so short of this measuring stick, but everyday I shall try to follow more closely, to honor and obey the Lord my God.

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