Sunday, December 27, 2015

Everyone will be a Citizen of Jerusalem

Today's Reading:
  • Psalm 86
  • Psalm 87
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Psalm 86
In the middle of psalms of the descendants of Korah comes an interjected psalm of prayer from David. David starts by asking the Lord to hear his prayer - David needs the Lord's help. One of things I love the most about the psalms of David is that he always gives praise to the Lord, no matter what tribulation he facing. David tells the Lord that He alone is God, He is good, He is faithful, He forgives, He is slow to anger - no other God is like the Lord Almighty. How many of us have the true faith of David? Where we cry out in praise to the Lord, despite going through the worst of times?

Psalm 87
Psalm 87 is a unique and beautiful piece. This psalm speaks of Jerusalem, of the city on the holy mountain founded by the Lord himself. Today we think of Jerusalem and the middle east as being ravished by war and fighting, yet we know that the Lord Jesus Christ will come back and reign from there for 1000 years. This psalm tells use that everyone will enjoy the rights of citizenship there (87:5). Jerusalem is set to become the international city for all of God's children. Not only are we welcome there, we will be citizens. How glorious will that be?

I often wish I could visit Jerusalem, so that I could be in the places where the Lord himself had been. But Jesus will be back there, reigning over the entire earth for 1000 years. How brilliant will that be? To make a pilgrimage to worship the Lord in Jerusalem? The psalm ends with "The people will play flutes and sing, the source of my life springs from Jerusalem!" (87:7). This will be a glorious time indeed.

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