Sunday, July 20, 2014

Didn't I Heal Ten Men? God's Hand in Medicine

Today's Reading:
  • Luke 17:11 - 17:37
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Luke 17:11 - 17:37
Jesus entered a village where ten lepers awaited him for healing.  Jesus told the lepers to go see the priests.  They did as he said, and all were healed.  One of the men came back to praise Jesus for healing him.  Jesus asked where they other nine men were?  Why did only one come back to give praise and thanks for healing? 

Those ten men received a miraculous healing - all they had to do was go show themselves to the priests.  Yet even then only one came back to praise Jesus.  I wonder how that translates to today, when so many are healed through medicine, doctors, treatments, and hospitals?

How many of us consistently return our praise to the Lord for being healed, even amongst those who firmly believe in Jesus Christ?  I think it's too easy to attribute healing to some medicine or some doctor, or simply time.  And, truthfully, a lot of time it is a medicine or doctor who is able to help us to manifest a healing.  But I ask you, who created the doctors and the people who make such great advances with medicine?  When was the last time that you visited a hospital that did NOT have a strong religious affiliation?  I am a firm believer that God's hand is in the natural - medicines, doctors, treatments, hospitals - that we so eagerly seek out.  These things are wonderful blessings given to us, but we need to remember that they are, indeed, a gift.

God is all around us, healing us and helping us.  If we pray to the Lord for healing, relief, etc., and we receive it, then we should ALWAYS return thanks and praise to the Lord.  These passages are a simple reminder.  We should be the one who remembers and gives thanks to the Lord -- not part of the nine who go off and forget the things that the Lord has so graciously done for us. 

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