Friday, March 9, 2012

The Ten Commandments

Today's Reading:
  • Exodus 19:16 - 21:21
  • Proverbs 7:1 - 5
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Exodus 19:16 - 21:21
God came down from the mountain in the form of fire that billowed smoke while the people trembled in fear.  We then jump into the Ten Commandments as well as crimes and punishment.  I have studied the  Ten Commandments numerous times.  I can't really say that I have gained much enlightenment from reading this time.  The one thing that did catch my attention was a promise given in the fifth commandment:
Honor your father and mother.  Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you. (20:12)
I don't see that any other commandment carries a promise in the commandment itself.  This one, however, says that we will live a long and full life if we honor our parents. 

I love God and I truly do want to be in Heaven with Him but I do want to live a long and full life on Earth.  I also believe God wants us to live our lives also because this isn't the first time I have seen promises of long lives given in the bible.  The point is that I want to live a long life.  I don't think that in itself means that I am not yet ready to be with the Lord and I love it when the bible tells me how to have a long and fulfilling life.

If I had to point out one commandment that I need the most work on, it would probably be fourth commandment to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy.  I do go to church regularly and enjoy doing so.  Sunday is also a great day for me to get in extra bible study and posts for this blog. 

The problem comes with avoiding doing the "ordinary" work.  I would suppose this includes ordinary stuff such as laundry (which is always abundant at my house with three kids), cleaning and organizing.  It's hard to try to set all of that aside, although I wouldn't mind doing so! 

I wonder about cooking.  I LOVE to cook, and Sundays are usually filled with me cooking for a few hours -- dinners, fresh baked goods to serve and to freeze, desserts -- you name it, I'm in the kitchen doing it because Sunday is the best and most relaxed time to do it.  I also know that because I've spent the day worshiping the Lord that I am in a great mood and I want to cook and bake for my family and friends. It's one of the ways I show them that I love them. 

So I have to wonder if I am in violation of this commandment by doing so?  It's not really "ordinary" work for me.  Ordinary work would be planning and making dinner and getting it all out in time and cleaned up so that we can move on with the next thing on our list before bedtime hits.  I don't get to make little mini pies and fresh baked breads and time consuming comfort foods like chicken and dumplings during the middle of the week or even on Saturday.  It really is more of a hobby than it is "ordinary work".  So I really hope it is okay.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  But I guess I do need to make an effort to avoid the regular household chores, the things I do because they need to be done.

 Proverbs 7:1 - 5
 Follow my advice, my son; always treasure my commands.  Obey my commands and live!" (7:1-2)
This verse is a prelude to more caution about the immoral woman and extramarital affairs.  Regardless I do not think those words simply apply to that situation.  Funny how I was just writing about God wanting us to live out our lives.  He wants us to be with Him, but He also wants us to have a long and fulfilling life here on Earth.  Stay true to Him and you will find that fulfillment.

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