Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ready Yourself for the Return of Jesus, Multiply Your Blessings

Today's Reading:
  • Matthew 25:1 - 30
  • Psalm 31: 1-8
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Matthew 25:1 - 30
Two parables are told in this reading of Matthew.  The first is the Parable of Ten Bridesmaids.  All ten bridesmaids went together to meet their bridegroom but they didn't know precisely when he would show. 

Half of the bridesmaids brought extra oil in their lamps in case it was needed and the other half did not.  While half of the bridesmaids ran out of oil and left to find more, the bridegroom showed up. It was midnight. The five that were ready were taken with the bridegroom to the wedding feast while the other five were locked out.

It's not hard to see how this parable relates to the second coming of Christ.  The moral of the story is that we must be prepared at all times.  We do not know when Christ will return, and when Christ does return we will not have the option of readying ourselves for him. 

The second parable is the Parable of the Three Servants.  A master left each of three servants in charge of a sum of money.  The first servant was given ten bags of silver, the second was given two and the third was given one. 

The first two servants each managed the money well and doubled it.  The third hid it away in the ground.  When the master returned he was proud of the first two and told them that because they had managed those amounts well, they would be given an abundance more.  But the third did not even earn interest with the master's money and therefore what he had would be taken from him and given to others who would do better with it.

I guess the moral of the story is not to waste the blessings of the Lord.  Whatever the Lord has given to you, take that and multiply it further.  The further you multiply the blessings of the Lord, the more blessings you will receive until you have an abundance of blessings.  It's a powerful promise.  Learn to recognize your blessings and to multiply them and they will be multiplied upon you.

Psalm 31: 1-8 
Here is another Psalm where David cries out to the Lord for protection.  The one thing that is true of all psalms like this that I have read before is that David never turns from the Lord.  No matter how great his suffering, no matter how many enemies at his doorstep, no matter what people manage to do to him, he never gives up hope in the Lord. 

I imagine that utter faith in the Lord no matter what is going on in their lives is something many people struggle with.  I know that many people turn away from the Lord when they have suffered a great loss.  These psalms of David are beautiful because he never does turn away from the Lord.  It's a shining example for all of us to follow.

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