Monday, March 26, 2012

The Joy of Confessing our Sins Before the Lord

Today's Reading:
  • Psalm 32:1 - 11
  • Psalm 33:1 - 11
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Psalm 32:1 - 33:11
Here we are promised that joy awaits those who confess their sins to the Lord.  We are told not to hide our sins away, for they will simply eat us alive and zap all our strength and energy.  All of that changes, however, when we seek and receive the forgiveness of the Lord.

Have you ever done another person wrong?  Let's say you truly apologize to that person and vow to never do it again.  The person says that they forgive you, but you can tell they have not forgiven and are still holding a grudge.

Now let's think about that same scenario.  In this scenario, you confess to that person that what you have done is wrong, and you are truly sorry, and you will earnestly strive to never do such a thing again.  In this scenario, the person says they forgive you -- and they mean it.  You can tell that they sincerely have forgiven you.  How great does that make you feel?  Doesn't it release a burden from your heart, knowing that you have been truly forgiven?

The love of the Lord, the forgiveness of the Lord, is like that second scenario.  When we ask for the Lord's forgiveness with a true heart, He readily gives it to us.  He truly and unequivocally gives us complete forgiveness for the wrong we have done. 

Why would we want to hold on to our sins instead of releasing them to the Lord?  I know that I can hold on simply because I feel ashamed, or because I'm not ready to admit I was wrong and make an honest attempt to change that part of my life.  But I tell you, when I do let it go, the feeling is incredible.  So whatever you are holding onto, let it go!  There is true joy in releasing these burdens we are holding to the Lord.

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