Thursday, March 22, 2012

Betrayed by a Kiss

Today's Reading:
  • Matthew 26:47 - 68
  • Matthew 26:69 - 27:14
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Matthew 26:47 - 27:14
Jesus is betrayed by a kiss from Judas to those that came with swords and clubs to collect him.  Not only did Judas betray Jesus, but he did so with a kiss.  How terribly heartless.

 Later we see that Judas, after he realized Jesus had been condemned to die (what else did he think would happen? Jesus himself said that would happen, but I guess Judas was lacking faith in Jesus Christ) was troubled.  He tried to return the blood money he was paid (obviously it wasn't worth it, was it?!) but they wouldn't take it back.  Judas then hung himself.

Jesus was given a joke of a trial.  First they tried to find people who would lie in testimony against him.  In the end, however, they decided that because Jesus claimed to be the Son of Man that it was testimony enough for him to be put to death.

We also see Peter's denial of Jesus.  Jesus had told him that Peter would deny him three times before the rooster crows (26:34).  That prophecy came true as Peter denied three times that he even knew Jesus.  Right after the third denial, a rooster crowed.  I love how precisely that prophecy was fulfilled.  Not only did Peter deny Jesus three times before the morning, but his third denial ended immediately with the rooster crowing.

This reading leaves off directly before Jesus is brought before Pilate.

I did it again -- I wound up combining the Matthew readings because I just didn't want to stop reading.  So the next reading will be in pairs to catch up -- two Psalm readings, two Exodus readings and two readings from Proverbs.

As much as I am enjoy my studies of the bible, I can't say that I'm looking forward to reading about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Just knowing that I am getting close is weighing heavily on my heart. 

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