Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Humble as Children, All Will Bow Before the Lord

    Today’s Reading:
  • Matthew 18:1 - 20
  • Psalm 22:18 - 31
 Matthew 18:1 - 20
These few short verses of Matthew taught quite a few lessons.  First Jesus tells us that if we are not as humble as little children we will not get into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus also says that those who welcome someone in His name is indeed welcoming Christ himself.  Jesus then tells us that those who cause those who trust in him to fall into sin would be better off being drowned.  And, once again, we are told that it is better to cut off a sinful part of your body -- be it a hand or your own eyes -- then to let that part sin and keep you from the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are also told that those who are lost are given more attention than those who obey, and they are rejoiced over far more than those who have been obedient all along.

After reading these verses I have to evaluate myself to see how humble I am.  The problem is that I first need to figure out what exactly these verses mean by being humble.  What aspect(s) of my life does this refer to?  To me, right now, with what little study I've done, it seems to mean that I should have a child like belief in God. 

I think of my eldest daughter, who has an absolute love of the Lord.  I once had someone tell me that she suffered from "magical thinking".  Really?!  Obviously I don't find an utter belief in God to be "magical thinking" -- it's called Faith.  My daughter doesn't think that God is some magical genie who is going to grant all her wishes.  She thinks of Him as being the one, the only, the true God -- the God who created the universe and all in it, including us.  She doesn't have a doubt in her little head. 

So many people have to work at having faith and work against their doubts.  I am lucky, because like my daughter, I have always known God to be true.  I have never had to find Him and realize that yes, He does exist.  All of this faith doesn't matter one bit, however, unless I align my life with how God wants me to live it. 

It's not enough just to believe in God and his son Jesus -- if I don't follow God's rules for my life, if I don't find and fulfill my purpose in Him -- then what am I really living for?  What will my life be worth when I stand before the Gates of Heaven? One thing is for sure, by finally committing myself to truly study the Word of God I know that I am finally on the right track.

 Psalm 22:18 - 31
The beginning of this Psalm that I read a couple days ago was filled with David's suffering at the hands of his enemies.  Even though David was suffering so badly, still he had tremendous praise and reverence for the Lord.   It touches my heart just to read those words of powerful praise. 

David then proclaims that the entire world will bow before the Lord (22:27) and that future generations will all hear about the wonders of the Lord (22:30).  How true is that?  How many generations has it been since David walked the Earth, and more people than ever know the Lord.  And when Jesus returns every single person will know the truth.  I am glad I know the truth now instead of later.  Please remember that there is not always a later, so change your life now.  Change it today -- there might not be a tomorrow.

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