Friday, February 10, 2012

The Head of John the Baptist on a Platter

    Today's Reading:
  • Matthew 13:47 - 14:12
  • Psalm 18:16 - 36
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Matthew 13:47 - 14:12
The story today is quite a sad one -- it's the story of the death of John the Baptist.  Herod, the ruler of Galilee, had John locked up because John told Herod it was wrong of him to marry his brother's wife Herodias.  Herod married Herodias regardless and Herodias's daughter performed a dance for Herod that left him promising the daughter anything that she wished.  Before I go any further, what kind of dance was it, that Herod to promise that girl anything she wanted?  Regardless, Herod did make the promise, and Herodias urged her daughter to ask for John the Baptist's head on a platter.  Herod delivered. 

The pure hatred in acts like these just really baffle me.  I certainly wasn't overjoyed that our government had managed to kill Osama Bin Laden or Sadaam Housein.  I am extremely happy that those two individuals are no longer a threat in the world, but beyond that I don't call for blood and murder on anyone.  But to take the head of John the Baptist at a whim?  At least I know that it's not just the people of today's world that are messed up and deranged.  This type of behavior has been occurring since Adam and Eve were cast out of the gardens.  It's not so much "what is the world is coming to?" but rather, "what is fundamentally wrong with the world"?  It was a sad passage I read today. 

Psalm 18:16 - 36
I think Psalm 18 is my favorite Psalm so far.  The reading of this Psalm began the day before yesterday where I mentioned the magnificent imagery used to describe how the Lord came down to do battle for David.  The Psalm today continued, this time with the Lord rescuing David and pulling him out of deep water away from his enemies.  David then sang praise to Lord over and over again in so many ways.  It's the kind of extreme worship that I hope one day I can accomplish.  

I still feel a bit saddened after reading about death of John the Baptist, it's kind of put a gloom over my mood.  But I shall come back tomorrow,and read on.  Not all days can fill me with joy and love, there has to be some mourning too.  And we haven't even gotten to the death of Jesus yet.

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