Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laban the Scoundrel

    Today’s Reading:
  • Genesis 30:1-31:16
  • Proverbs 3:13-15
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Genesis 30:1-31:16
The battle between Rachel and Leah continued. When Rachel couldn’t conceive, she gave her maid to Jacob. When Leah temporarily stopped producing children, she also gave her maid to Jacob. These women are sisters, yet they would more readily call the offspring of their maid their family than their own nephews and nieces. I can’t imagine spending my entire life fighting for the affection of my husband from another woman, or multiple women.

Laban is quite the scoundrel, isn’t he? First he tricks Jacob into marrying Leah, and then he tries to cheat Jacob out of his share of the flocks when it’s time for him to go. Everything this man does surprises me! But it just goes to show that God was on Jacob’s side, as he ensured that Jacob received his fair share, regardless. If only Laban had been honest, then surely God would have blessed him too for taking care of Jacob.  

Proverbs 3:13-15
These verses teach that Wisdom is the most precious, valuable thing. I know I cherish any bit of wisdom I have. And I always notice that elderly people, when asked if they would go back and be young again, usually say only if they could go back with the wisdom they currently have.

So next time someone your elder gives you advice, don’t shrug it off! Think about it, consider it. They might very well know something that you don't yet realize. They probably won’t be as technically savvy as you, and you might wind up having to explain a lot to them, but listen to when they give you life advice.  They just might know what they are talking about!


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